Dodge/Chrysler Programming Procedure

Predator custom tune instructions.pdf


10psi Dodge Magnum with Techco SC

I’m currently working with a customer to get his car running perfectly after he upgraded from Techco’s stock pulleys for more boost. Currently, he’s running 10psi on a STOCK block. I generally don’t recommend more than 8psi on the stock bottom end but if you want more, go for it. haha.

We’ve run into some road blocks here and there but so far have been able to overcome every one of them. Besides the pulley change we also needed to do the following

  • Replaced heat plugs LZTR7AIX-13 (factory gap of .050) with LTR7IX-11 (factory gap of .044) to prevent misfires under high boost pressures
  • Adjusted the boost-a-pump for adequate fuel supply.
  • Recalculated Volumetric Efficiency for ALL Manifold Pressure/RPM points for an oem-like flawless calibration
  • Currently looking into fuel supply as the injector duty cycle is beyond it’s limits

This car was already fast with the base kit but it’ll seriously kick some ass as soon as we’re done with the final touches on the calibration.